Every year, usually at the beginning of June, Marciano della Chiana hosts the unmissable event, the Chianina Ciclostorica, attracting numerous enthusiasts of vintage bicycles!
This three-day event for vintage cyclists takes place in the heart of the beautiful Valdichiana, offering a unique experience that combines a love of cycling with the exploration of local wonders.

The event, characterized by a nostalgic and friendly atmosphere, allows participants to ride along picturesque routes that traverse enchanting Tuscan landscapes, including rolling hills, medieval villages, and endless countryside. Each itinerary is designed to highlight the unique features of the area, allowing participants to admire the natural and architectural marvels of Valdichiana.

But the Chianina Ciclostorica is not just about sport and nature: it is also an immersion into local culture and traditions. During the event, cyclists and their companions can join guided tours of historical and artistic sites, discovering the rich cultural heritage of the region.

‘’The Chianina in Marciano della Chiana, under the clock tower‘’

Moreover, there are ample opportunities to taste the authentic flavors of Tuscan cuisine. Between rides, participants can savor typical products of Valdichiana, such as the renowned Chianina beef, fine wines, and extra virgin olive oils, in a culinary journey that showcases local excellence.

The Chianina Ciclostorica is a special occasion to experience an authentic and engaging event, where a passion for vintage bicycles intertwines with the discovery of a territory rich in history, art, and flavors.

An unmissable event for cycling lovers who want to spend unforgettable moments immersed in the beauty and tradition of Tuscany.

"Arrival in Marciano della Chiana"

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