Among the alleys of Arezzo, a walk through Art, History and Spirituality

Begin your walk from the majestic Piazza Grande, the heart of the historic center of Arezzo. Here, you can admire the imposing Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici and the semicircular apse of the Church of Santa Maria della Pieve. The square is surrounded by historic buildings and the Vasari Loggia, offering a unique atmosphere, the stage for the Saracen Joust twice a year and the focal point of the filming of Roberto Benigni's Oscar-winning film "Life is Beautiful."

After exploring Piazza Grande, head towards the Basilica of San Francesco. Inside the basilica, you can admire the wonderful cycle of frescoes in the main chapel depicting the Legend of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca.

Continue towards the Church of San Domenico, passing through Piazza della Libertà, where you will find Palazzo Cavallo, housing the Municipality of Arezzo, and the Palazzo della Provincia. The Gothic church of San Domenico is known for its spiritual and evocative atmosphere. Here, you can admire a splendid wooden crucifix by Cimabue.

Continue your walk towards the Cathedral of San Donato, a beautiful building with a Gothic facade. Explore the frescoes and admire the stained glass windows of Marcillat, adding a touch of color and beauty to the interior of the cathedral.

After visiting the Cathedral, head to the Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi. This house-museum hosts an eclectic collection of art objects and antiquities, offering a fascinating insight into Bruschi's passion, founder of the famous Antique Fair, for culture and art.

Opposite the Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi, you'll find Santa Maria della Pieve, one of the oldest churches in Arezzo, with a Romanesque facade and a unique bell tower. Admire the uniqueness of its three orders of overlapping loggias adorned with columns and appreciate the beauty of this important place of worship.

After visiting Santa Maria della Pieve, enjoy a relaxing walk along Corso Italia, the main shopping street in Arezzo. Explore characteristic shops and stop for a coffee in one of the cozy cafes along the way.

End your walk at the Medici Fortress, which offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the city. The park around the fortress is a great place to relax and enjoy the landscape after your walk.

Don't forget! A stop at one of the countless restaurants and trattorias you'll find along the way is a must. You absolutely have to savor the typical dishes of local cuisine during your visit. Enjoy your walk!

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