VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE Tuscan dinner with chef in villa

VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE Tuscan dinner with chef in villa.

Many of you  know Tuscany for its typical gastronomic specialties, as well as for its works of art and breathtaking landscapes. The typical Tuscan food is not made however, only from cold cuts, cheeses and local meats ... there is also a lot of vegan cuisine among our traditional dishes ... and many people is not aware of this.

Legumes, fresh or sautéed vegetables, local wheat pasta and our extra virgin olive oil, poor ingredients but extremely rich in taste.
This great combination creates a unique union!

With this delicious dinner, you will find out that it is not necessary to eat meat to be really satisfied at the table!

The staff will take care of everything from the shopping to the waitress service, to the kitchen cleaning up.

The menu we offer is entirely VEGAN and 100% CRUELTY FREE.

Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, cannellini beans, sauteed vegetables, mushrooms, panzanella, tomato soup, Tuscan cecina.

First courses  - one to choose from:
Pici all’aglione / Pasta and chickpeas / Pasta and beans / Ribollita / Pasta with zucchini.

Second courses one to choose from:
Fagiolli all'uccelletto  / mixed fried artichokes, potatoes, sage, carrots, cabbage .. / vegetable flan / courgette balls / stuffed peppers.

Side dish:
 Salad and grilled vegetables

Dessert – one to choose from:
Schiacciata  with grapes / chocolate cake / cantucci with vinsanto-

Prices (wine included) starting from 4 persons:
Euro 49.00 adults
Euro 25.00 from 5 to 12 years
Free of charge  under 5 years