Burger Party

A new idea of ​​a Tuscan Evening with chef: The Burger Party!

Do celebrate a special event with your family or friends during your holiday, or simply do  choose to spend a different evening by booking a Burger Party with one of our chefs!

The Burger Party is perfect for all ages and will meet the whole family’s needs.

For sure you will make your children happy!

Choose in advance only the type of your burger (Chianina Beef 100 gr, chicken, vegetarian) to be prepared with barbecue, you can then create it together with the chef, during  the event.

Choose the bread, fillings and sauces according to your most personal tastes!

You will have many ingredients to combine, for example  fresh and seasoned cheese, grilled vegetables, fresh vegetables, sauces and spices.

French fries and mixed salad will be added the delicious burger dish.

In the end, a tasty tiramisù as dessert.

The offer therefore includes:

One hamburger per person

 French Fries and mixed salad


Price: adults and children over 12 years  Euro 38

Children under 12 Euro  26

Wine / Beer included

Beverage for children included.

Contact us for all the info and to book!

We also take care of all  intolerances and allergies.


0039 0575 84 53 48



A little insight into the Chianina cow

An ancient breed, known for at least 2,500 years, it takes its name from the Val di Chiana, from which it comes. It is a world record animal in weight with the finest meat.

The Chianina cow derives from the so-called Bos Primigenius, the ox depicted in the oldest rock carvings of prehistoric caves: it is an animal known to man for millennia, one of the first whose breeding has sanctioned the transition from nomad to sedentary, farmer and fisherman.

It is such an important beast that the Etruscans and Romans used it in triumphal processions, in case of war victories and conquests, or as an offering to the gods in propitiatory sacrifices.

Over the centuries, this cattle is responsible for much of the rehabilitation and reclamation work of the entire Val di Chiana, which took place between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Chianina meat

Chianina meat is rather lean with some fat infiltrations close to the muscles that give it flavor, made up of 70% water and the rest of high-value proteins.

The best one is obtained from the female of the animal, the so-called Scottona, both for its tenderness and for its not too large size. These animals do not adapt well to intensive farming, they need to reach a certain weight for excellent slaughter and therefore longer fattening times.

The breeding of Chianina

The Chianina cow lives very well in pasture, grazing the grass and foliage of the trees, thanks to its high height. Also thanks to the genuineness of what it eats and the selected feeds, its meats are so prized. The most common breeding system in Val di Chiana is the sedentary or tied type, i.e. with the animal tied to the manger or enclosed in a box with a few specimens: it is however an animal that breathes fresh and good air and is raised with healthy and organic methods of the past.

The Chianina steak

Bright red color, rare cooking, high cut including the bone are all essential characteristics for a true Chianina steak, cooked both on the grill and on the grill.