Burger Party

A new idea of ​​a Tuscan Evening with chef: The Burger Party!

Do celebrate a special event with your family or friends during your holiday, or simply do  choose to spend a different evening by booking a Burger Party with one of our chefs!

The Burger Party is perfect for all ages and will meet the whole family’s needs.

Choose in advance only the type of your burger (Chianina Beef 100 gr, chicken, vegetarian) to be prepared with barbecue, you can then create it together with the chef, during  the event.

Choose the bread, fillings and sauces according to your most personal tastes!

You will have many ingredients to combine, for example  fresh and seasoned cheese, grilled vegetables, fresh vegetables, sauces and spices.

French fries and mixed salad will be added the delicious burger dish.

In the end, a tasty tiramisù as dessert.

The offer therefore includes:

One hamburger per person

 French Fries and mixed salad


Price: adults and children over 12 years  Euro 38

Children under 12 Euro  26

Wine / Beer included

Beverage for children included.

Contact us for all the info and to book!

We also take care of all  intolerances and allergies.


0039 0575 84 53 48