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Here following a small introduction regarding the 3 regions of Cetral Italy where we offer holiday villas and apartaments.


Tuscany is one of the most renowned regions of Italy, it enchants each visitor with its art, monuments, history, nature, events and with its traditions.
This region offers endless varieties of landscapes: from the sweet Val d’Orcia hills to the Crete Senesi, from the open plains such as the Valdichiana to the high northern mountains, to end up with the wide sand beaches of the coast.
In this beautiful scenery we both find the small medieval villages, where time seems to have stopped, and the world wide known art cities such as Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo… all worth of a visit to admire their splendour and beauty.

Events and traditions - the main events in Tuscany during the year:

 Giostra del Saracino Arezzo

GIOSTRA DEL SARACINO, Arezzo, June third Saturday and September first Sunday. Medieval Joust which recalls the battle against Saracens where the four city districts compete, it takes place in the well known scenery of Piazza Grande.

CALCIO STORICO FIORENTINO, Firenze, June. Spectacular costumed soccer game played in the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce.

PALIO DI SIENA, Siena, July 02nd and August 16th. Exciting equestrian competition of medieval origins amongst the quarters of Siena, which takes place in the magnificent Piazza del Campo.

BRAVIO DELLE BOTTI, Montepulciano (SI), August last Sunday. The 8 village districts compete for the “Palio” in a spectacular run, pushing a 80 kg wooden barrel.

PALIO DELLA BALESTRA, Sansepolcro (AR), September 12th. Crossbow competition between the villages of Sansepolcro and Gubbio.

Wine and food: Wine and food: Tuscany is a land extremely rich in culinary traditions and delicious dishes such as the world wide famous “Fiorentina” steak, but also some other so called “poor” dishes such as “panzanella”, “ribollita” and “bruschetta”, ideal to taste together with renowned wines like Brunello of Montalcino, Chianti and Nobile of Montepulciano.

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Umbria is one of the few Italian regions which is not lapped by the sea, nevertheless it is rich in water and characterized by many springs and lakes, such as Trasimeno Lake, Corbara Lake and the beautiful and suggestive Marmore Waterfalls. Generally the hill and verdant landscape is freckled with small hamlets and hidden castles to discover. Moreover a visit to the most beautiful cities like Perugia, Orvieto, Gubbio, Spoleto and Assisi, the native land of Saint Francis, is really indispensable.

Events and traditions - The main events in Umbria during the year:

• CORSA DELL’ANELLO, Narni (TR), end of April, beginning of May. Equestrian race run by knights which takes place in front of the ancient Municipal Palace.

• CORSA DEI CERI, Gubbio (PG) May 15th. Age-old and exciting run, which goes through the narrow medieval path until it reaches the top of the mount, carrying on the shoulder three statues of saints.

• GIOSTRA DELLA QUINTANA, Foligno (PG), June and September. Celebrated chivalric tournament, a challenge amongst the champions of each district during which the town plunges back to the ancient baroque glory of the year 1600.

• FESTIVAL DEI DUE MONDI, Spoleto (PG), end of June, beginning of July. Festival of prose show, dance, concerts and films; it represents one of the most prestigious and worldly international events.

• EUROCHOLATE, Perugia, October third and fourth Sunday. Appointment entirely dedicated to the Italian and international chocolate tradition, with events, shows and cultural initiatives all located in the historical centre of the city.

Wine and food: The gastronomy products of Umbria are varied and tasteful, in particular we recall: the black truffle, the “Torta al Testo” a typical flat bread to be eaten with ham, salami and cheese all own products of the area and wines and extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality.


Lazio is a region of great naturalistic and environmental charm with an extraordinary variety of landscapes: wide beaches, large pinewoods, lakes such as Bolsena and Bracciano, mountains like Terminillo (excellent ski resort), sweet hills and extended plains. A region rich in monuments and art which reminds with rare immediacy its long and extraordinary history. The testimonies of the ancient Romans and the following historical ages are countless and spread in the various provinces, Rieti, Viterbo, Latina and Frosinone, but at the maximum splendour in Rome, the capital of our beautiful Italy.

Events and traditions - I principali eventi che si svolgono nel Lazio nel corso dell’anno:

• CARNEVALE DÌ RONCIGLIONE, Ronciglione (VT) , Febbraio. Manifestazione carnevalesca che comprende diversi spettacoli legati alla storia della città.

• FESTA DEI PUGNALONI, Acquapendente (VT), May third Sunday. Ancient folk celebration where the historical groups model beautiful mosaics with flowers and leaves, first exhibited and then taken into procession along the village streets.

• INFIORATA DI FINE MAGGIO, Corchiano (VT), May 31st. Flowers carpets created all over the streets where the procession of the “Assunta” day celebration goes along.

• PALIO DEL SARACINO, Nepi (VT), June. Traditional popular costumed event where the four district of the town compete to win the Palio.

• MACCHINA DI SANTA ROSA, Viterbo, September 03rd. Suggestive event in which a 30 m high and 5 tons heavy tower, completely enlightened, is lifted and shouldered by a hundred men along the city centre alleys.

Wine and food: Lazio region is a land where richness and genuineness of typical products go together with the prestigious roots and historical traditions. There are countless dishes and excellent D.O.C. wines. To quote only some of them: “spaghetti alla carbonara”, “bucatini all’amatriciana”, roman pecorino and “abbacchio alla cacciatoria”.